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1. "the old way" 2. a flimsy surface for filleting fish, leaving behind a disastrous mess on your countertop and an angry wife



1. "the only way" 2. a portable cutting board designed to make the fish filleting experience much smoother and less messy

Our Features

Tapered Grooves
Allow liquid waste to drain toward channels
Huge Pocket
Store finished fillets, or put fillets in a bowl and save this area for waste, the choice is yours
Large Channels
Hold waste drainage
Raised Fillet Surface
Allows for pressure and clearance of fillet or electric knife to make a clear swipe of each filet
"I just cleaned a limit of sunnies using your product. I put the fillets in a bowl and the fish carcass in the bigger pocket. All the fish mess stayed in your board. All I did was empty the fish remains in a trash bag and washed off the board. It worked great!"
Mark S.

FilletMaker Customer