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About Us

Newspaper – "the old way"

It's hard to find a surface to work comfortably on, that can be rinsed with ease, and is portable. Maybe you manage to muster two out of three, but the newspaper soaks through and leaves a disastrous fishy mess on your countertop surface. You find yourself stuck in a serious predicament with both fish scales and an angry wife who is fed up with your kitchen nightmare. You’re left with no options, but to suck up to her and clean up your mess the hard way. After all "happy wife, happy life," right? If only there was a way to avoid this situation from happening ever again. We'd like to introduce the FilletMaker Fish Cleaning Board and Kitchen Deluxe.

FilletMaker – "the only way"

Now you can keep your fish mess contained! That's right! No more angry wives, no more scales flying off the counter, and the easiest clean up system ever to hit the fishing industry!

Simply dump the remains from FilletMaker into the trash, rinse off, and you're DONE! Yes, it's that easy! Our unique trademarked and patented cutting edge design allows you to take it anywhere on the go including your lap. Designed by fishermen for anglers to make your experience a lot easier.  You can even use it for cutting meats, vegetables, fruits, or as a serving tray!

FilletMaker Features

Raised Filleting Surface Area

This allows ample hand and knife room for nice clean cuts to fillets.

Deep Tapered Grooves on the Surface Edge, Shallow Groves in Center of Surface Area

This allows fish slime to flow towards channel keeping the surface area clean. If slime does build up simply take fillet knife and scrape towards the channels.

Deep Storage Pocket

This huge pocket allows you to put fish carcasses inside. When you are cleaning fish, place fillets in a bowl. Now everything on the FilletMaker is waste. Simply slide FilletMaker to the edge, place garbage bag on the end and lift and empty the contents into the garbage.


The FilletMaker is lightweight and can be used anywhere – tailgate, wheelhouse, countertops, your lap; any place you clean fish. Absolutely great for shore lunches!

No Moving Parts

Unlike other products that have wobbly legs and other items that could break, the FilletMaker has no moving parts.

Back Side

The back side can serve for additional purposes – taco tray, carving turkey, cleaning vegetables, etc.