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 Featured in the Saint Cloud Times!

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"I bought one of your FilletMakers in Minot. We looked at them and said we would be back. We did come back and bought the small one. You really sold me when you told my husband about turning it over and using it for ham. We did just that for Easter. I just love it!"
Susan Z.

"I was so excited when I saw this product, I had to buy some for my friends! Talk about fish cleaning made easy – this is the answer!"
Kevin S.

"I've used cardboard, newspaper, and even fish cleaning stations. There is nothing like the FilletMaker!"
Joe S.

"I used your product for cleaning vegetables for canning. Canning got a lot easier. Great product."
Joan S.

"I used your board for cleaning and butchering chickens and it worked great."
Tim F.

"I just cleaned a limit of sunnies using your product. I put the fillets in a bowl and the fish carcass in the bigger pocket. All the fish mess stayed in your board. All I did was empty the fish remains in a trash bag and washed off. Worked great."
Mark S.

"I used your product for cleaning vegetables and fruits. Worked excellent."
Carrie W.

"I used your product as a serving tray for vegetables and fruits. Worked great."
Nancy S.

"I bought your product to use on cleaning waterfowl. Can't wait to use it!"
Jeff B.

"I just cleaned a limit of walleyes. Cleaning fish really did get easier. I plan to use it when I go to Canada and have those great shore lunches. Great product!"
Chad S.

"I purchased your product and because it worked so well I picked up another one for my fish house. Awesome product."
Darryl M.